Advanced Professional Chef Course

This course is designed for experienced chefs who want to improve their skills using the most up to date techniques in the industry. It’s a great course for chefs who already have basic chefing experience, so that they can start working towards the next step in their working life.

It can be a good starting point to decide whether to take a Michelin Star Course or it could simply expand your cooking knowledge and improve your chances in stepping up in your career.

Here below are a few of the many skills that will be covered in the course.

– Culinary smoking – hot and cold techniques

– Vacuum distillation – taking the essence and flavour out of product

– Emulsification – different hot and cold techniques

– Sous-vide cooking technique – the effects of cooking and cooling at different temperature ranges

– Spherification – understanding the chemistry of chemicals to enhance the flavour and texture of ingredients

– Gelification – filming and Gelling Techniques

– Dehydration technique – advantages of the Dehydration.

– Cryo cooking with Liquid nitrogen

Interesting, right?  Don’t hesitate to register your interest with us today!

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