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What makes our recruitment process unique is the fact we offer a free intensive training course to help commercial chefs to become top professional chefs. Here are the details of our courses and how it links to your own experiences.

Upcoming Classes

Commercial Chef with 1 Year Experience

If you are at the beginning of your chef career, we can offer you the chance to gain professional culinary skills quickly. Once our applicants have completed a three month trial in one of our partnering restaurants, each applicant will have the chance to enrol into this course. It is designed to teach you all the basic skills when working in a professional kitchen. Here you will learn knife skills, meat and fish categorisation, and how to use the latest equipment used in professional kitchens.

Commercial Chef with 3+ Years Experience

If you are an established chef who already has a lot of experience, we have a great opportunity for you. After working in one of our partnering restaurants for three months, you will have the chance to enrol into this course. This course is for those chefs who are looking to upskill their culinary techniques for an advanced professional job. In this course, you will learn how to improve your skills with up to date industry knowledge, using the latest equipment. Not only this, but you will have the chance to take part in a Michelin Star course where you will learn about Molecular Gastronomy.

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